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The Accredited Customer Experience Specialist is the world's quickest growing Customer Experience certification and for good reason. The team at Rockstar CX have painstakingly analysed the best performing companies in the world to understand not just what they do to deliver such amazing Customer Experience but why they do it. This information has been expertly crafted into the Successful Customer Outcome Method - are you ready to disrupt CX?

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"I've gone to a lot of seminars over the years, but what I really liked about James' seminar and this course was, you're learning a methodology and you can apply the method, it's very practical for me coming back to my business and saying "Alright, here is what I'm gonna do." And I know I have the tools, rather than some high flying philosophy. And James is kinda cool as well."

Gudmundur Magnason - CEO, Heimkaup



Learn tools and techniques developed and implemented with

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Give yourself an unfair experience advantage.

Module 1

Understand who your customers are and how you can connect with them at a deeper level. Look at your business from the ‘outside-In’ and understand your customers’ true needs.

  • Why now?
  • Persona Framework
  • Category Matrix
  • Experience Matrix
  • Expectations Table
  • Customer Centric Category Matrix
  • Successful Customer Outcome Canvas

Module 2

Take the experience and improve it to deliver customer needs and Successful Experience Outcomes. Learn how to make experiences unique and memorable.


  • Current State Journey Map
  • Current State CX6 Score
  • Needs Delivery Formula
  • Idea Evaluation & Choice
  • New Experience Value Proposition
  • Ideal Journey Creation
  • Future State Journey Map

Module 3

Learn how to embed your improvement efforts and CX improvement programme into your organisation and how to create and strengthen CX relationships, and then create a presentation to showcase your solution.

  • Proactive Experience Recovery
  • Experience Teams
  • Future State CX6 Score

Then prepare your presentation for official accreditation.



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